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Are you looking for CBD infused high-quality products for a long time? Guess what, at Olivastu, you can have your hands on the finest CBD and hemp products. They are sourced from the best brands all across the globe.

Body Care

CBD infused body care products help you in relaxing your muscles and give a soothing effect on your skin. They come in the form of bath bombs, beard oil, tattoo butter, thermabalm and even cannabis flavoured condom. These products help in causing a soothing effect on your skin and body. After a stressful day, soak yourself in Doctor Green's CBD bath bomb to relax your mind and body. They help you wind down and calm you. 365 CBD Thermabalm helps in relieving any sore muscles or pain in the body. They help in giving relief to joint pains and many more. NKD beard oils are infused with the goodness of CBD and give you a true sense of luxury on your beard. Groom your beard with NKD beard oil. Doctor Green's tattoo butter is great for the after-effects of getting a tattoo. They help in relieving the pain and help it heal faster. Enhance your intimate moments with Cannadom Premium Cannabis flavoured condoms. They are safe to use and are infused with cannabis flavour to enhance the experience.


CBD infused drinks are a great way to relax and calm your mind. After a hectic and stressful day, a cup of CBD infused Marshmallow Herb Tea by Zkittlez is a great way to calm yourself. They are THC free and help you soothe your mind. CBD has a property to calm minds in any stressful time. To pamper yourself with some relaxation try out this CBD infused herb drink. HOLISTIK manufacturers 'peel & stir' CBD drink with various flavours. They are easy to consume. All you need to do is mix it with your hot or cold beverage. Relax your mind and muscle with CBD Stir STIKs by HOLISTIK.


Cannabis infused edibles like Just CBD Flavoured Gummies and Jelly hash are quite popular in the UK. Browse through our website to find more CBD accessories and pick out your favourite ones. Check out products like Euphoria Cannabis Cookies with CBD, Euphoria Hash Hemp Brownie, Moods & Bears Pure CBD Honey Natural and Orange County CBD Gummy. They are toxins and THC free and safe to consume and are perfect to calm your mind and give a soothing effect. Try out these CBD infused edibles only at

Isolates & Extracts

CBD isolate and extracts are available at They come in multiple sizes and are completely THC and toxin free. They are CBD powders that are 99.9% CBD. It does not have any other ingredients. CBD accessories are perfect to keep your mind relaxed and calm. The isolates help you create your own blend by mixing the powder with water or any oil based liquids. Extracts contain whole-plant cannabinoids that can be used for CBD oils, edibles and cosmetic products. They are available in semi-solid forms. 

Oral Oils

CBD oral drops are perfect CBD infused products that are 100% authentic. They have 99% CBD and 0% THC. There are a lot of flavours available for you to choose from. They are very easy to use and come in various sizes for best results.

Pen Kits & Mods

Looking for CBD & hemp accessories? Enhance your vaping experience with our vast range of pen kits and mods. They are perfect for smoking CBD shortfills and e-liquids. To give you a smoother hit and relax your mind, these pen kits and mods work best with almost every CBD flavoured e-liquid. All you need to do is refill your device and you are good to go.

CBD for Pets

At Olivastu, you can find a vast range of CBD infused products. These are various CBD flavoured oils that are blended with herbs, terpenes, whole plant hemp oil and extracts. These oils come in different variants and are great to relieve muscle pain, anxiety and other issues. The CBD oils come in various sizes and are very easy to use. Check out brands like Hemp Moods, Natureca, Ciro Health, Wisp Broad Spectrum, Endoca and many more.

Vape Oils & E-liquids

Vape oils and e-liquids are suitable to enhance your smoking and vaping experience. They can be used for your vape pens, mods, vaporizer and many more. These come in various flavours and are compatible with almost every device. Try out CBD infused vape oils and e-liquids to relax and calm yourself after a stressful situation.


Get all your CBD and hemp accessories at one place. Whether you are looking for chargers, or protective cases, or simply a stand, we stock them all. Take a look at the Accessories offered!

Olivastu also offers reward points with every purchase along with free shipping and discreet delivery. Surf through the collection, and get your hands on the best CBD and hemp products. 

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