420 Kit - Raw + Blazy Susan + Wise Skies Rectangle Rolling Tray

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What does the set contain?

A 420 Kit that will never disappoint. Whether you’re planning to revamp your collection or gifting this to your homies, it is one of the most unique and blazing rolling kits that serves all the accessories you need for a world-class masterpiece. It includes a Wise Skies rolling tray, grinder, Pink Blazy Susan king size rolling papers, Classic RAW natural unrefined rolling papers, RAW Tips, and a RAW rolling mat.

Wise Skies Rolling Tray

A rolling tray that serves all your rolling needs!

It has an elegant design which makes it a must-have smoking accessory and the rounded edges increase the depth of the tray; thus making it effortless to make a roll without the worry of losing your stash among the nooks and crannies of the tray. The completely flat surface makes it even more convenient to roll a doobie. 

It is also very compact so you can easily roll on the go!

RAW Tips

These raw tips are curated to enhance your smoking experience. They are 100% chlorine & chemical-free & are made from natural hemp and cotton fibers that give adequate filtration to provide you with a clean and smooth smoke.

RAW Rolling Mat

Bringing back the ancient ways of rolling, RAW Rolling Mat is the perfect way to dip into the past and bring the choicest habits back to enhance your joints. Now roll your perfect doobie with the bamboo rolling mat that is light-weight and durable, not to mention, extremely portable. 


The Grinder is a lightweight, sturdy, and a convenient way to shred the most stubborn nugs without any effort. It’s razor-sharp teeth cut through the sticky and potent herbs, giving them a perfectly fluffy consistency for a tight roll. Made from premium plastic, it lasts for a long time!

Blazy Susan Rolling Papers

These Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers are thin, standard-sized papers manufactured for rolling fine joints that are packed with your favorite herbs.

Made from premium quality Vegan, non-GMO paper, the light-weight paper enables you to truly taste the flavours of your nugs.It burns extra clean and slow, offering you the convenience of enjoying your master creation.

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